A bit about me

I'm Adrian, and thanks for checking out my website and following through to the about me section. I'm not going to lie; I love shooting weddings, but that wasn't always the case. About five years ago, I got chatting with the photographer who did an excellent job at my sister's wedding. It was there that I discovered that wedding photography could be so much more. The privilege to have unique access to a bride & groom's special day, to be entrusted with creating a unique vision, seemed like an absolute thrill!

First and foremost, I love working with camera-shy couples, as I find I can capture those special natural moments. By doing things differently and not posing them too much, I find that they forget about me and instead focus on having a great time with their friends and family. It's those moments that make my job worthwhile and what give me such a buzz as a photographer.

My goal is to photograph your day in a way that helps you remember it as it happened, in a creative documentary style, no getting in the way and certainly no lengthy posing. If you do want group shots, sure thing, I can do those too. I want you to have photos that you will cherish because of the moments they represent. They'll be the most important memories that you can't get back. That's what drives me as a wedding photographer.

In my experience, it usually falls to the bride to plan the wedding details, and most of them I work with have definite ideas about how they want their day to look. One of my favourite things to do is work with the bride to bring her vision to life and see the emotion that these evoke. 

I have been lucky enough to photograph weddings at a range of stunning venues nationally and have collaborated on several high-end styled magazines shoots too. The experience I have gained since that fateful day at my sister's wedding has benefited my couples and my photography immeasurably. So if you love the idea of having an experienced and creative photographer who will tell the story of your day, with all the essential details brought to life for you to remember in the years to come, then please get in touch.